How to Make Venison Burgers Everyone Will Love

three venison burger patties on a grill covered with yellow cheese.

Venison is one of the healthiest foods mother nature provides

Wild venison is one of the healthiest meats mother nature has to offer.  Each fall we have a simple goal to fill our freezer with as much venison meat as we possibly can, and see if we can limit the amount of meat we have to purchase throughout the year.

Venison is loaded with protein (with a fantastic amino acid profile), very low in fat, and is chock full of nutrients such as B vitamins, Zinc, Iron, and many others.  Unlike industrial cattle, pork, and chicken, deer spend their days eating a diet that is natural to their species resulting in a very high quality nutrient profile.  Free range, organic, and humanely raised are popular buzzwords these days, and there is nothing more free range and organic than wild game.  Hunting and growing a garden to feed yourself and your family is the best way to lower your personal environmental impact.

Despite the benefits of venison, many people avoid eating it for 2 reasons: 1) very few people hunt and 2) many perceive it to have a “gamey” taste.  To address the first reason, if you are not a hunter yourself, chances are you know somebody who is.  Many of us are more than happy share ground venison after we have a successful harvest (just don’t ask us for the backstraps and tenderloin).

This recipe is a great way to prepare venison that covers up what many believe is the “gamey” taste.

What You Need:

-1 LB ground venison

-1 TBSP Minced Garlic

-1/4 Cup Balsamic Vinegar

-1/4 Cup Coconut Aminos

-1 TBSP Butter Frozen


Place venison, garlic, vinegar, and coconut aminos into bowl.  Grate butter into the bowl (just like you would grate cheese).  Mix all ingredients together and form into 4-6 patties.

On a grill we cook these for 3.5-4.5 minutes per side at 375-400 degrees.  In the oven we cook them for approximately 12 minutes at 375 degrees.

We typically serve these on a  “bun” of romaine lettuce with a side of sweet potato fries made in our air fryer.  It also pairs very well with Dr. Anna’s Low Sugar Barbecue Sauce.