Thank You for Choosing Us!

piggy-bankWe specialize in Upper Cervical Chiropractic (UCC).  UCC care is different than a visit to a typical Chiropractor.  By focusing specifically on the top two vertebra of your spine we can provide care that is precise, effective, and impactful.  Our individualized and meticulous approach to your adjustment allows you to see results in less visits and less out of pocket costs than a regular Chiropractor.

In other words, better results, and no expensive surprise bills.

Be Well Chiropractic Core Values

Our purpose is to help Frankfort and surrounding communities experience the highest quality of life resulting from a natural, drug free approach to health.  We believe Upper Cervical Chiropractic can help nearly every man, woman, and child on this planet.

Chiropractic should be accessible to all regardless of financial status, income, and insurance.  We have a straightforward fee structure that allows us to make recommendations catered to the patient, and not their insurance company thereby avoiding unexpected out of pocket costs to the patient.  Just like exercise, Chiropractic works best when it’s consistent.  We remove the barriers to consistent care.

Why Don’t We Accept Insurance?

By not directly billing your insurance we are able to keep our administrative costs lower and pass those savings along to the patient.  If we were to participate in insurance networks and bill directly to them, our fees and recommendations would be subject to the insurance provider’s guidelines.  This often results in uncovered services and unexpected out of pocket expense to the patient.  For example, most insurance fees for initial examination range from $250-350, ours is just $150. Any follow up visits and Chiropractic adjustments in our office are $60 or less. Most insurance visits are $65-120.

If you wish to submit to your insurance company yourself, we promptly provide required documentation and codes. Many patients receive out of network reimbursement for their care in our office.

Our fee structure and practice set up help you avoid insurance claim headaches and reduce your out-of-pocket costs.