November Patient of the Month!


What is your name?

Emily M.

How long have you been coming to our office? How did you hear about us?

Almost 1 year. My first visit was December 2022. I actually found Be Well from a google search. The google reviews were all great so I felt good about checking it out.

What was your quality of life like before seeking chiropractic care?

I had times when my neck would be in pain to the point where the pain spread down to my arms. There were many times where I had to cancel plans last minute due to a flare up in pain. 

What solutions did you try before coming in?

I tried going to doctors, but I never got a reason for the pain. Usually I would get muscle relaxers prescribed which would help temporarily but didn’t prevent the pain. 

How has chiropractic care helped your health and changed your quality of life?

I no longer get flare ups of pain where my daily life is impacted. The pain no longer spreads through my body and I haven’t had to cancel any plans due to my neck since I started. 

What do you love the most about Be Well, Dr. Anna, and the staff?

I love the approach Dr. Anna takes to care. I had seen another chiropractor a long time ago and didn’t feel like it did anything. The chiropractor just cracked my back and sent me home, but it didn’t feel like the treatment was catered to my issue. Dr. Anna really worked to find my issue and target that area instead of going in blind.