November Family of the Month

November Family of the Month has been a shining example of how specific Chiropractic can have positive benefits for family members of all ages.  Read how Upper Cervical Chiropractic has changed their approach and outlook to trips to the Chiropractor.

What is your name?

The Campbell Ladies

How long have you been coming to our office? How did you hear about us?

My youngest daughter was the first one of my family members to be seen by Dr. Anna in the spring of 2016 when she was 3 years old.   She was chronically sick for about a month and not able to sleep. After the first adjust by Dr. Anna, she was 100 percent improved and feeling better! After that, my other 3 daughters and I regularly started seeing Dr. Anna once a week. 


How has chiropractic care helped your health and changed your quality of life?

Before seeing Dr. Anna, my daughters and I were regularly seeing a different chiropractor 3 times a week since they were born because we were told that is what we needed to do to maintain good health, even though our health was declining. Immediately upon seeking treatment from Dr. Anna, we noticed incredible health differences. She had individual treatment plans for us depending on what our bodies needed at the time. It was not a one size fits all adjustment and treatment plan. She listened to exactly what our bodies were saying. My oldest daughter had chronic debilitating headaches, and a complete misalignment of her spine, and she had no headaches after a couple of months, and continues to never get headaches.

My other daughters and I have had significant improvements with our gastrointestinal track, sleeping, brain fog, menstruation issues, thyroid issues, neck spasms, locked jaws, and too many to name.  We know as soon as something feels off, it’s our body telling us it’s time for a realignment.  Even when my youngest was 3 years old, she subconsciously recognized that getting adjusted made her feel better if she was sick, and would ask for it. 

Getting treatment from Dr. Anna is not just about whether or not you have a sore neck or back.  It’s about an overall health and wellness mindset for your entire body to function properly. We see her once a week now, not because we are sick, because we are maintaining our healthy lifestyle.  My kids are honestly so healthy and very rarely ever get sick compared to their peers, and if they do catch a virus, it is so short lived thanks to Dr. Anna keeping our immune systems in the best shape. 

What do you love the most about Be Well, Dr. Anna, and the staff?

We absolutely love Dr. Anna and the entire staff at Be Well Chiropractic! They feel like an extension of family. You know from the minute you walk in, you are genuinely cared for. They know your name and remember who you are on a personal level.  They express the utmost care and concern for your well being and will do whatever it takes to work with you so that you can live to your full potential in life, and enjoy it! They go above and beyond to make your life whole with a healthy working body, mind, and spirit!