What is your name?

Deb V.

How long have you been coming to our office? How did you hear about us?

I met Dr. Denton at a workshop in February of 2012 that she was doing with the village of Frankfort. I started care on February 27, 2012.

What was your health like before chiropractic care?

Poor. I was sickly with earaches and headaches. I previously needed and had various surgeries.

What solutions did you try before coming in?

Taking lots of medicine and constantly having to go to the doctor for relief.

How has chiropractic care & coming into Be Well helped your health and change your quality of life?

I only see my doctor once a year now and that’s for insurance, not illness.

Dr. Anna and Dr. Matt’s health classes have re-taught my ways of eating. From what I learned, I have loss excess weight and am still losing today.

What do you love most about Be Well, Dr. Anna, Dr. Matt and the staff?

They are caring, compassionate, and friendly. They take the time to listen to you and explain things in an easy way to understand.