What is your name?

Julie R.

How long have you been coming to our office? How did you hear about us?

I started seeing Dr Anna in April of 2019 after being diagnosed with a herniated disc. I found her by reaching out to my facebook friends. A high school friend said go see Dr Anna, she is the best. She was right!

What was your quality of life like before seeking chiropractic care?

I was in so much pain and my fingers were numb! I was on a leave from work (nurse) and facing spinal surgery at 44 years old. 

What solutions did you try before coming in?

I was doing physical therapy and had steroid injections in my spine. I was also taking narcotics to curb the pain. The surgeon was ready to book me and nobody thought surgery could be avoided. 

How has chiropractic care helped your health and changed your quality of life?

Dr Anna saved me from having to get surgery! I can bring any issue I’m having to our session and she will work on it. She’s helped me with headaches, ankle, knee, shoulder, neck, and back pains. 

I started to bring my son and daughter to bi-weekly sessions about 3 years ago. They both were having almost daily headaches and taking a lot of medication. Dr Anna has helped them feel so much better!

What do you love the most about Be Well, Dr. Anna, and the staff?

Dr Anna, Kirsten, and Atlas are like family! They care about us as people. They are always smiling and go above and beyond to make our lives better!