Becoming a World Champion in Your Late Years

Richard Morgan is a retired baker who found himself out of shape with knee pain in his 70’s.  At 72 years old he discovered indoor rowing and hasn’t looked back, becoming a 4 time masters world champion on the indoor rower.  Currently, at 92 years old he has the body and aerobic fitness of a 30-40 year old individual despite having never consistently exercised prior to his 70’s.

What Are His Stats?

Morgan was the subject of a case study out of the University of Limerick.  Researchers had him perform a 2000 meter row and measured his aerobic fitness and body composition.  Amazingly, during the study his heart rate peaked at 153 beats per minute!  On top of that, he weighs 165 pounds, is 80% muscle, and only 15% body fat.  Authors of the study noted that along with his impressive body composition, he has the aerobic engine and oxygen uptake of a person less than half his age!

The most impressive part: he didn’t begin exercising regularly until his 70’s.

How Does He Do It?

Mr. Morgan rows for about 40 minutes a day.  80% of his exercise volume is done at a very easy pace, 20% is executed at a slightly higher tempo, and 10% is done at a vigorous intensity.  Along with rowing he regularly performs strength training by doing dumbbell curls and lunges until his “muscles get tired.”

He maintains his impressive body composition through exercise and consuming a high protein diet which nearly doubles the typical protein intake of an average 93 year old.

Sound Familiar?

If you have been following the BWCLP this should sound familiar.  Moderate aerobic exercise and regular strength training is our recipe for longevity and increased health span.  It is never too late to get started.  No matter what your starting point is, a little exercise and small dietary interventions will go a long way.  However, inaction will lead to the same path of aging that typical westerners experience.