Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Are you looking for some lighter fare on these hot summer days?  Look no further than these simple lettuce wraps we dreamed up on a hot Friday afternoon.

What you need:

1 pound chicken thighs

1 cup Jasmine rice (dry)

2 Bell Peppers

3 Cups Spring Mix



Romaine Lettuce leafs

2 TBSP Lemon Juice


Grill chicken thighs and season to taste

Boil rice separate from other ingredients

Saute bell peppers

when bell peppers are nearly finished, add spring mix and cooked rice, lemon juice, oregano, and basil to taste.

Cut chicken thighs into small pieces and combine in pan with remainder of ingredients.

How to Serve:

Mix all ingredients and serve in romaine lettuce wraps.

Serves 3-4