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The BWCLP Is The Most Simple Guide To Fitness And Nutrition

Fitness and nutrition have become incredibly confusing.  We aim to fix that.  This month we are launching our Be Well Chiropractic Lifestyle Program (BWCLP) for free and online!  The BWCLP is our step by step approach to developing a well rounded fitness and nutrition lifestyle.  No fads, no gimmicks, just simple how-to steps to creating a sustainable lifestyle that will ensure you can maintain a healthy lifestyle well into your older years.

How Did We Develop The BWCLP?

Dr. Anna is an accomplished runner, having qualified for the Boston Marathon at the age of 25.  Dr. Matt competed in various sports from CrossFit, Rugby, Weightlifting, Triathlon, and even ran rim to rim to rim in the Grand Canyon in a single day.  While all of these achievements seem like they would lend themselves to health and fitness, the truth is that all that training can take a toll.  As we get older (and arguably wiser) we have learned that the key to being healthy as we age is not the volume and intensity of exercise, but rather developing an intelligently balanced approach to physical activity and eating.  We developed the BWCLP as our personal endeavors in activity evolved over time.  We are no longer concerned with how “fit” we can become.  Rather, we are concerned with what our lives will look like in 20-30 years.

Defining the BWCLP

Research paints a clear picture of the traits that lead to comprehensive health as we age.  We broke those down into what we call the core four.  The “Core Four” is our benchmark that we teach.  Rather than focusing on the number on the scale, the mile time, or how much weight you squat; we teach you to aim for our these four outcomes.  Read more about the Core Four below, or at this link.

Reduce and Eliminate Chronic Pain and Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is at the root of most age related chronic disease.  It is the result of both an inactive lifestyle (or too active!) coupled with a calorically dense Standard American Diet (among other factors).  The first step towards healthy aging is to identify and eliminate the factors that lead to chronic inflammation and pain.

Lifetime of Developing Strength and Mobility

The primary reason people lose their independence and health as they age is the loss of both strength and movement.  Ask yourself these questions: can you get down on the floor and back up only using one hand (or no hands)?  Can you grab on to a pull up bar and hang from it supporting your body weight for one minute?  Are you able to perfectly execute a single pushup?  Could you carry a bag of water softener salt from the car to the house?

When people think of exercise, the first thought they have is cardio.  Cardio is important but strength MUST be the priority.  However, the thought of strength training is intimidating to most people.  We teach how to simply get started and what strength metrics are most important.

Improve Body Composition

We don’t care what the scale says, we care what the tape measure and calipers say.  Your percentage of lean mass (muscle) compared to your percentage of body fat matters far more than the numbers on the scale.  Do you know what hip to waist ratio is?  Or waist to height ratio?  Do you know what those numbers imply, or what they mean?

We encourage people to stop looking at the scale and start looking at what really matters, body mass!  Your metabolism will thank you.

Maximize Aerobic Capacity

Aerobic capacity is your body’s ability to take in, assimilate, and circulate oxygen.  It tells you a great deal about the health of your cardiovascular and circulatory system.  Like we said earlier, strength is the priority, but that doesn’t mean cardio isn’t important.  We teach the MAF method for developing cardio fitness and how to achieve better cardio through quality exercise rather than quantity of exercise.

Implementing the “Core Four”

We developed the core four based around the aspects that determine a healthy metabolism.  An estimated 2/3 of Americans deal with some form of metabolic disorder and in the near future it will bankrupt not only households, but likely the country as a whole.  To achieve the core four, we teach simple and sustainable habits around physical activity and the food we eat to improve your metabolic health.  We don’t teach a “program” or a “bio hack,” rather we want you to leave the BWCLP armed with the foundational knowledge to begin crafting a lifestyle that works for you and your family.