The Irrefutable Guide On How To Sell Diet Books

I added a new slide to our Be Well Chiropractic Lifestyle Program Nutrition class yesterday; “How to make a million dollars selling diet books.”

The truth is I adapted/adopted the idea from the legendary Dan John.

The slide went over so well, I decided to summarize it in an article this week.  (If you regularly read our articles, you know how much we abhor the “fad diets” as discussed in articles such as this one).

How to Make $1,000,000 Selling Diet Books

  1. Pick an arbitrary food or macronutrient and declare that it is the worst food ever (or the best)
  2. Cherry pick a few studies that support your conclusion, while being sure to ignore the countless studies that likely refute or negate your point.
  3. Write a book using your cherry picked studies and a handful of weight loss testimonials, telling people that they need to avoid this food/macronutrient (or only eat that one particular food).  It should be easy to garner some weight loss testimonials because eliminating entire food groups or macronutrients reduces calories and leads to short term weight loss, but not always long term success.
  4. Dig your heels in on social media and vehemently argue your opinion, regardless of the evidence that points to the contrary.  This will build your cult like following that will echo your main points from the book all over their own social media pages.
  5. Watch as your book becomes a NYT best seller and sits on a shelf next to other diet books that make an entirely opposite claim.
  6. In 5-6 years prepare to write a different book that talks about why your old book was wrong and what you are doing differently now and repeat the previous 5 steps.  (After all, your book has probably produced a lot of disordered eating patterns in your followers and likely nutrition deficiencies).

We Hate Fad Diets

Enough with the fad diets and crash diets.  We teach a balanced sensible approach and the good news is that by the end of the year the BWCLP will be a multiple part online series which you can complete from your home.  It will take us a few months to develop it, but we are looking forward to it’s launch!

Speaking of BWCLP, due to poor marketing on my part, we will be opening up our fitness class Saturday, October 22 at 9 AM to all for free!  Sign up at the front desk!